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Anti-static clothing

What special industries must wear anti-static clothing?

Contact with the electrostatic protection industry has been nearly ten years, during which I learned a lot of knowledge. People’s lives and production are all associated with static electricity, electrostatic directly or potentially from all aspects of the human to bring varying degrees of harm. According to expert analysis, chemical, pharmaceutical, oil and other workplace fire accidents, mostly due to human activities generated by static electricity exceeds the safety limits, accidental discharge spark caused.

In the case of the generation of static electricity is closely related to the texture of the garment, the strength of the movement, the type of labor tool used, the conductivity of the ground, and the temperature and humidity of the surrounding environment. For a long time, people use grounding, shielding, and other ways to eliminate the harm of static electricity. Anti-static overalls to provide the body with static shielding, eliminate or reduce the electrostatic hazards of the function.

Anti-static clothing to prevent static fabric for the fabric from sewing, for possible may cause electric shock, fire or explosion hazard wear. The anti-static fabric used in the production process is mainly in the textile, roughly equal or evenly mixed with all or part of the use of metal or organic conductive materials made of anti-static fiber or anti-static synthetic fiber, or mixed with the two , To prevent the accumulation of static electricity on clothing so as to achieve the purpose of preventing accidents.