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Antistatic Chair

Direct and effective Electrostatic protection —- Anti-static chair

Although we have taken control of static electricity before the control, grooming, and other measures, although the elimination of static electricity and achieved some results, but did not completely eliminate the electrostatic hazards, after years of analysis, the study found that those methods are still Local control, there are always preventive measures Unprotected areas may produce electrostatic hazards. So all-round environment of static control, has become a new concept of modern electrostatic control. Its core is committed to the elimination of all equipment, materials, personnel in all aspects of the work process due to flow friction and the possibility of static aggregation. For the equipment used in the production workshop, such as: work surface chairs, etc. should take the surface treatment measures to effectively change the surface impedance of various materials, so that it does not produce static electricity or electrostatic charge can not gather. So today to briefly introduce the anti-static seats. It consists essentially of three parts: anti-static chair surface, anti-static chair support part, anti-static chair caster cup three parts. Its main principle is through the anti-static chair and anti-static shoes to the human body and the earth “connection” that is “ground” to achieve the purpose of electrostatic discharge. Anti-static chair chair surface processing using sewing or one forming two kinds of technology, can choose anti-static PVC or PU leather sewing, can also use polypropylene (pp) material injection molding. Chair other metal parts by special treatment to achieve anti-static effect. Chair wheel with conductive wheel and chair, chair body to form a unified electrostatic discharge body, effectively reduce the harm caused by static electricity.