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Anti-static wrist strap

How to choose high-quality anti-static wrist strap?


Anti-static wrist strap with a simple, affordable, easy to use and so on. Its working principle through the wrist strap and ground wire, the body’s electrostatic discharge to the earth, so when the use of the wrist strap must be in contact with The skin, ground wire also need to directly ground and ensure that the ground wire unimpeded to play the greatest effect.

How can I choose a high quality anti-static wrist strap? The following methods to help you busy.

  1. Good quality anti-static wrist strap The inner part of the wrist is made of silver wire, the more the number of turns, the better the conductivity.   
  1. Anti-static wrist strap with PU cable connection with PVC line more toughness and has a good resilience.   
  1. The ground wire is the best material for the copper wire.